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Encinitas is located alongside the Pacific Ocean, 25 miles north of San Diego, California with Batiquitos Lagoon to the North and San Elijo Lagoon to the South with a population of 60,994 people (2012 census). The first inhabitants were Indians called the San Dieguitos, the La Jollans and the Dieguenos. In 1669 Gaspar Portola, the Governor of Baja California, named it “Encina Canada”, Spanish for “Hills of Live Oaks”. It was incorporated as a city in 1986 and encompasses the communities of historic Encinitas, Leucadia, new Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and Olivenhain.

In 1881, Jabez Pitcher settled in Encinitas and is considered the father of the town. Ornamental flower growing is its main industry, in particular poinsettias. This plant is native to Central America and grew in Taxco, Mexico. The Aztecs called it Cuitlaxochitl meaning “flower that grows in residues or soil” and they extracted from its bracts a purplish dye used in textiles and cosmetics and the milky sap, today called latex, was used to treat fever. 

In 1825 Joel R. Poinsett was appointed by President Adams the 1st U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. He was a physician but his true love was botany. He had hothouses in Greenville, South Carolina. In 1828 while visiting Taxco he was taken by the beauty of the red blossom of this plant which he sent home and began planting them and sending to friends and botanical gardens. Among the recipients was John Bartran of Philadelphia, who gave the plant to a nurseryman friend Robert Buist.

He is thought to be the first person to sell the plant under its botanical name Euphorbia pulcherrina. The plant's association with Christmas began in 16th century Mexico, where legend tells of a young girl, Pepita, who was too poor and sad because she couldn't provide a gift for the celebration of Jesus' birthday. Her cousin, Pedro, reassured her that the most humble gift given with love will be acceptable to Him. The girl knelt by the road side and gathered some weeds which she made into a bouquet. When she entered the Chapel the weeds burst into brilliant red blooms and all who saw it said that they had witnessed a miracle. This is why these flowers are called in Mexico and Guatemala “Noche Buena”, meaning Holy Night. In Spain it is known as “Flor de Pascua”, meaning Easter Flower. In Chile and Peru it is known as “Crown of the Andes”.

From the 17h century a Franciscan friars in Mexico included the plants in their Christmas celebrations. The star-shaped leaf pattern is said to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, and the red color represents the blood sacrifice through the crucifixion of JesusPoinsettias are popular Christmas decoration in homes, churches, offices, and elsewhere across North America. They are available in large numbers from grocery, drug, and hardware stores. In the United States, December 12 is National Poinsettia Day.

Big Spring, Texas is known for its poinsettias as the "lighted poinsettia capital". When the Comanche Trail Festival of Lights first began the dam at the big spring held four huge poinsettias made of rebar welded together in the shape of a poinsettia flower. Each flower was made up of 5 leaves. The leaves were decorated with red Christmas lights. The four poinsettia flowers were an awesome sight to see entering Big Spring from the south. Each year more flowers were added to the dam and inside the park until Comanche Trail Park has by 2006 added seven poinsettias, making a total of eleven lighted flowers on the dam and countless flowers inside the park, making Comanche Trail Park the Christmas Poinsettia capital.

In 1900 Albert Ecke immigrated from Germany and settled in Eagle Rock and in 1911 he established a fruit orchard and dairy farm, however because of his love for flowers he began growing poinsettias. He had a virtual monopoly on poinsettias owing to a technological secret that made it difficult for others to compete. The Ecke family's key to producing more desirable poinsettias was to create a fuller, more compact plant, by grafting two varieties of poinsettia together. A poinsettia left to grow on its own will naturally take an open, somewhat weedy look. The Eckes' technique made it possible to get every seedling to branch, resulting in a bushier plant.

His son, Paul Ecke, developed the grafting technique, but it was the third generation of Eckes, Paul Ecke, Jr., that really was responsible for advancing the association between the plant and the winter holidays. Besides changing the market from mature plants shipped by rail to cuttings sent by air, he sent free plants to television stations for them to display on air from Thanksgiving to Christmas. He also appeared on television programs like The Tonight Show and Bob Hope's Christmas specials to promote the plants.

However, in 1990 a university researcher discovered the method and published it, opening the door for competitors to flourish, particularly in Latin America where the cost of labor is far lower. The Ecke family, now led by Paul Ecke III, no longer grows any on farms in the U.S., but as of 2008, they still control about 70% of the domestic market and 50% of the worldwide market. There are over 100 varieties of poinsettias being cultivated.



Proximity to the ocean and views has a tremendous impact on what you pay for real estate in Encinitas.as of 4/8/2014 going back 6 months there were 105 active detached properties listed for sale ranging from a high of $7,995,000.00, an average $1,757,000.00 and a median of $1,575,000.00. There were 155 homes sod with a high of $10,500,000.00, and average $1,223,000.00 and a median of $959,000.00.



  • The average daily temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures rarely fall below 40 and above 85 degrees.
  • Rainfall is about 10 in per year.



  • The 900 acres San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve is the largest coastal ecological wetland in San Diego County and the home for over 295 species of birds and over 300 species of plants.
  • There are over 5 miles of hiking trails open to the public.
  • La Paloma Theater was built in 1928 and was one of the first to show “talkies”, talking pictures. It hosts music concerts, theater performances and movies.
  • The Quail Botanical Garden is the only one of its kind. It has the largest display bamboo, desert gardens, a tropical rain forest, a subtropical fruit garden and the first Children's Interactive Garden, the Seeds of Wisdom.
  • Swami's beach is considered one of the top 5 places to surf in the U.S., and offers scuba diving at the Encinitas Marine Life Refugee, the only North County's underwater park.
  • The Self Realization Fellowship Center with its Meditation Garden
  • The Encinitas Ranch Golf Course is a championship 18 hole par 72 course.
  • The Lux Art Institute
  • The San Dieguito Heritage Museum
  • The Skateboard Park


The City of Encinitas is governed by a 5 member City Council elected to 4 year term at 2 year interval.



The Encinitas downtown area is along side HWY 101 with antique shops, galleries, boutiques, cafes and specialty shops.

Marilia Cathcart, GRI, E-PRO, CHS, HPS

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Marilia Cathcart’s professionalism, knowledge of the real estate market, the loan process and her continuous vital support in all aspects of buying and selling a home were invaluable and very much appreciated. She is easy to work with, personable and made the whole loan process, as well as buying and selling our home very smooth and uncomplicated. It is wonderful to find someone like Marilia who will go the extra mile to assure peace of mind every step along the way. Her availability, and most of all her professionalism, generosity and kindness make her an outstanding representative of her profession. She took us under her wing and guided us through every detail to completion. My husband and I will not hesitate to recommend Marila Cathcart to anyone who is thinking of securing a loan or who is looking to buy or sell their home – she is the BEST. Oscar and Rita Carlson
Endorsement for Marilia Cathcart: In my career as a physician-scientist, I have lived in the northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest USA, as well as in the middle of the country. As was my custom when moving to a new city, as soon as I knew I would be joining the faculty at UCSD, I flew to town, rented a car, and drove around until I found an attractive neighborhood near my future workplace. I then went to the nearest shopping area for that community, and walked into the realtor offices, tucked to the side of the grocery store. There she was, standing inside the door with a big smile to greet this weary traveler, the lady who would change my life for the better, Marilia Cathcart. She not only showed me houses while I was in town, but continued to send me pictures and information on prospects after I had returned to Seattle where I was finishing training. She paid close attention to what I said I was looking for, the health problems I needed to accomodate, and found many wonderful possibilities. When we found my dream house, she helped me see how I would be able to afford it by calculating how much the mortgage interest deduction would save me in taxes. She found me a banker that gave me the loans I needed, she found me wall-to-wall carpeting at wholesale prices, and she even fixed me up with a very attractive and nice young man I still think about. I ended up so crazy about that house that I wish I still lived there. When I had to move back east, she helped manage that California property for me, and when I finally needed to sell it, she handled that, too, in the middle of a real estate slump, no less. I had bought the house in 1977, and sold it in 1991, so this all may seem like ancient history, but is not the end of the story. When I retired in 2000 and decided to move back to San Diego County, she reprised her role as lifesaver. After looking at loads of houses both physically and now with computer assistance, on line, she found me another perfect house for my needs. She later helped me find a reliable outfit to refinance my loan when the interest rates dropped sufficiently. I have been in this home ten years now, and they will need dynamite to dislodge me. Marilia Cathcart is, quite frankly, the best real estate manager/seller/broker I have ever dealt with, and from coast to coast, there have been quite a few. She has a wonderful business sense, and is frugal with both the buyer's and the seller's money--I know because she has handled both for me. She is also a terrific "people person", with good instincts about what people want, and what will work for them. She was "networking" before the word was invented-- she would call it making friends, and putting people together who can help each other. Since she knows everybody, and never forgets a good guy, when you know Marilia, you potentially know a whole phonebook-full of good guys who can do anything from give you a mortgage loan to fix your sprinkler. As an added bonus, she is just a lovely human being, and a pleasure to know, even after nearly 34 years. Marilia Cathcart has my highest recommendation, without reservation. Charlotte B. McCutchen, M.D. Dr Charlotte B. McCutchen
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